Scripture Science

I came across these series called Scripture Science,which desribes itself as “…a series of one minute TV programs in support of the accuracy of the Biblical account of creation.”.

Boy,do they cram a lot of evidence for Biblical Creationism in that one minute. I mean,look at this gem of scientic scholarship they have to offer. QED!


2 Responses to “Scripture Science”

  1. TheSkepticalAtheist Says:

    Wow. What a pristine example of special pleading. The Universe looks old because God made it that way… How convenient.

  2. Mohd Nor Says:

    You ( and all of us ) don’t have any idea how long is ‘8 days old’ in the eyes of the Creator Sir . Read Quran and it tells in explicit details of the creation of the earth and heaven in 8 ‘days’ ,plus the explicit details on the creation of the First Human Being,Adam(pbuh),Eve(pbuh) and us in the womb ..not to mention 1400 years ago it has already mentioned the ‘Big Bang’ phenomena .
    Thank you.
    Peace to all.

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