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Creating An Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission

Posted in UFO with tags , , , , , on May 12, 2008 by youtubeskeptic

While listening to my favorite late night radio show for woo woo –Coast to Coast AM– I heard about an interesting proposal. Heres the video:

I know it’s probably a little childish to start of with an ad hominem attack on Jeff Peckman,but it’s just too hard to pass up. Jeff Peckman = 56yr old single man who still lives parents.Of course,as any skeptic who knows anything about logical fallacies would point out,ad hominem attacks are used to discredit an argument by attacking the person and not the argument itself. Maybe this initiative is actually worth something,so let’s take a look at it.

Jeff is proposing a ballot initiative with the purpose to:

“…require the creation of an extraterrestrial affairs commission to help ensure health,safety,education,and cultural and economic development for the Denver residents in relation to potential interactions with extraterrestrial beings…”

The first thing that will strike you about this initiative is that it is being used to basically vote on the truth of the UFO phenomenon. The first paragraph of the legislative intent states that the people of the city and county of Denver hereby declare that:

“1.The presence of extraterrestrial beings and extraterrestrial vehicles on Earth,and within Earth’s atmosphere,has been confirmed by credible evidence;”

The next couple of paragraphs basically,in a nutshell,declare that the government has known extraterrestrials exist since at least 1947 and that the truth about their visitation has been covered up ever since.

Of course,if this initiative was able to make it’s way onto the ballot by gaining the required amount of signatures and ultimately was passed,this would be trumpeted by the UFO community as official legislation acknowledging that UFOs exist and that the U.S government has conspired to cover it up,even though it says no such thing.

Many Denver councilmen,like Charlie Brown (yes,thats his real name),think that this whole proposal is nothing but a big time waster.If it were to pass,the initiative requires the committee to produce quarterly reports for the mayor and city council,and to conduct at least two public hearings per year for public input.

Aside from just the idiocy of the proposal and the amount of time it would waste,there are a couple of paragraphs that I find very troubling in terms of fostering pseudoscience to the public. Two of the stated purposes of the committee are as follows:

“To coordinate information and exhibits about extraterrestrial cultures and technology at Denver’s cultural and scientific facilities;

To be a resource for curriculum development about extraterrestrial beings in Denver schools in support of harmonious,peaceful,mutually respectful and beneficial coexistence between extraterrestrials and human beings;”

So,this committee would be responsible for injecting Aliens into museums and schools and taught as if they were an established fact. Sounds pretty much like that strategy of the Intelligent Design/Creationist movement to try to surpass things like evidence and get their wacky ideas pumped directly into the public school systems.One thing I wondered,especially about the first paragraph,is what information exactly will be given to the public about alien cultures and technology? It’s not like there is a community of aliens walking around that we can observe or interview to study culturally,and there isn’t a single piece of supposed UFO technology found that can be studied;so what would they base their cultural and technological information on? The simple answer is that it would be based on whatever they want to make up.

The sad fact for the UFO community is that all their evidence is based on the “argument ad ignorantiam” logical fallacy;or the argument from ignorance. Basically “whats that?I don’t know;therefore its an alien”.One on good example of this is that I’ve seen a couple videos of people recording Venus in the early morning sky. To them,it’s a UFO,but to someone who actually knows something about the night sky,it’s nothing even close.Of course,when evidence to the contrary is presented then you are a “government shill” or are asked “how much is the CIA paying you”.This obviously is not something we should base legislation on.

On an end note,along with this initiative, Jeff has promised to release a video this week of real extraterrestrial beings video taped looking into a window of a farmers home. I’m sure it will be just as compelling as all the other “proof” of E.Ts out there,but we’ll just have to see what he comes out with and I’m sure it will end up on You Tube.